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Engaging Minds

Training initiatives

Advanced training for psychologists and other mental health professionals

Upcoming Events

Please review the cancellation prior to booking. 

Please note: Due to circumstances beyond our control, our MMPI-3 events have been postponed to May 2021

Prof Martin Sellbom

Introduction to Using the MMPI-3 in Psychological Practice Webinar Workshop 1
Making the Move from MMPI-2-RF to MMPI-3: An Advanced Topics Webinar Workshop 2
May 2021 

Prof Martin Sellbom

Advanced conceptualisations of the Personality Disorders and their assessment: A critical analysis 
November 2020 

Dr Gavan Palk



Dr Steve Morgan


Gavan Palk and Steve Morgan

Pathways Program:

A series of workshops for psychology students and provisionally registered psychologists:

With a focus on tests and testing theory  

Brisbane 26th October 2019
Pathways workshop places will be capped at 10

Training in Forensic Psychology, Court Reporting and Expert Evidence

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