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Deliberate self-harm in adolescents and young adults: Prevention Strategies and Intervention.

An international perspective

Mr Garry King

Hobart 8th April 2019
Adelaide 9th April 2019
Melbourne 10th April 2019
Brisbane 11th April 2019
Sydney 12th April 2019 
Adelaide 8th October 2019

What to look for, what to do and when to act.

Non-suicidal self injury is defined by the International Society for the Study of Self-Injury (NSSI) as the deliberate, self-inflicted destruction of body tissue without suicidal intent and for purposes not socially sanctioned (International Society for the Study of Self Injury, 2007).  It is a complicated and times mystifying behaviour, also closely associated with suicidal ideation.  Whilst there is sound evidence that the prevalence of self injury is increasing, there would seem limited cogent information for education and mental health professionals on how best to manage it. 

Mr King is an internationally-recognised expert and Churchill Fellowship recipient, with startling insights from North American initiatives that may cast new light upon this challenging area of work.  

This workshop will explore and address key issues, pertaining to: prevalence; aetiology; signs and escalation; action and intervention approaches; safety plans (and do they work) and organisational approaches to limit or minimise the incidents of self-injury in schools?


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