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Advanced conceptualisations of the Personality Disorders and their assessment: A critical analysis 

Full day workshop with Professor Martin Sellbom, PhD


9am-4.30pm (45mins lunch)

Brisbane: 13th April 2019

This workshop will critically review current conceptualisations of the Personality Disorders (PD) based upon contemporary research. The aim is to critically examine the sustainability of our historical understanding of the Personality Disorders, including psychopathy. Are the DSM categorisations of Personality Disorder supported by current research? What does the research tell us?  How do the Personality Disorders co-exist with other DSM-5 mental disorders?  Why is the concept of psychopathy often not considered among Personality Disorders? What is the Alternative DSM-5 Model for Personality Disorder and how is it an improvement to the traditional model? What are current gold standard assessment strategies? How can we make sense of the notion of Personality Disorder within broader contemporary approaches to case formulation? What do we know about treatment approaches to personality pathology? These questions and more will be covered in this in-depth examination of personality disorder along with an aim towards clinical practice. 


Allow Professor Sellbom to guide you through this complex domain of psychological practice.  



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