A practitioners’ guide to the MMPI-2-RF: (Restructured Form) 

Full day workshop with Martin Sellbom, PhD


9am-4.30pm (45mins lunch)

Brisbane: 12th April 2019

Melbourne: 18th May 2019 


This workshop will review the MMPI assessment tools - with a specific focus on the MMPI-2-RF. This workshop will review the rationale for and methods used to develop the MMPI-2-RF, the various materials available to administer and score the test, as well as interpretive recommendations.  A substantial portion of time will be devoted to applications of the MMPI-2-RF within formal court assessments.  Attendees will have an opportunity to practice the recommended strategy for MMPI-2-RF interpretation with case examples.


Learning Objectives

1. Describe the rationale for and methods used to develop the MMPI-2-RF.

2. Describe the 51 MMPI-2-RF scales and their interpretation.

3. Describe key features of administration, scoring, and interpretative framework.

4. Describe procedures and best practices for utilising the MMPI-2-RF within formal forensic psychological assessments.

5. Interpret and integrate MMPI-2-RF results with other assessment data through case analysis.



The guiding aim of this workshop is to allow you to understand and use this test with confidence.



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